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January 2017
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2016 in review

JanStartup I was working for failed to get acquired by larger wearable startup because investors didn't like the terms. Wasn't that happy either way. Went to Yosemite. Had fun in snow.

Company downsized. All but one of my team was cut. I was later asked to come back for a month to address the algo porting work. I didn't take it. I spent the time to relax, dance, etc... I held out for a long shot.

Started on project Jacquard. Made big dents quickly by transitioning project away from former bad employer to me and new team.

Went to Israel with dad and fam. He seemed happy. He also fell. Well all felt our mortality. Google I/o went well. Held my breathe.

Dance season postponed due to director's injury. I was added to pieces and settled into solo.

Beanie checkup went ok.
I worked a lot.
Monthly reconnect with kyronfive as we work near each other.

Still working alot. And prepping for show. New team members added.
Started riding bike to work.
1yr anniversary since el and I had our falling out.

Went to Vegas. Told family they were acting like assholes. Sang bohemian rapsody. Came back and did performance. Generally people liked my work.

Got older
Beanie checkup went ok at new oncologist. Got a lot of meds filled.
Many trips to Seattle

Beanie health complications had her spent her last night choking in my arms bleeding. I had to let her go. I was also told I was bullying a co-worker.
Trip to NYC for abt and ko.
Got new fabric I designed.

Fixing mfg mistakes. Basically told I'll take over for co-worker who I was accused of bullying. Don't know the full story but he failed at his job and was hospitalized.
Started divesting from vw by getting new one.
Went to Hawaii.o

Fresh kittens.
More fabrics came designed by agent provocateur and kyronfive and I
Totally winged 15 minutes on stage
Had an old fashioned good nye and Xmas.

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